How to become a good mother?

How to become a good mother?

A mother is a multi-purpose housewife. She sometimes cooks delicious meals. Sometimes, she is housewife who manages the chores around the house. Sometimes a security guard who prevents children from getting sick and disasters. She becomes a doctor and also a friend or sister. Performing all sort of acts at home she tries to keep whole family to become successful. How to become a good mother is important subject to discuss in this context of society.  

a good mother

Mother’s role in the family

However, an imbalance in today’s society is gradually developing. It is caused by selfishness, power greediness, intolerance of others and also the temptation to disobey. How did such situation create in today’s society? It is responsible for the smallest social institution in a country. The family is the smallest social institution that treats children properly.

In the family, children adopt love, kindness, good habits, intellectual development as well as healthy habits. All of these skills are really mastered by the mother. So that, the mother becomes the focal point of everything. Children imitate what the mother says, does, behaves, decides and solves problems. Those events have been ingrained in their subconscious for a long time.

The heroines of children in childhood are mothers. The love and care of her receives the children directly or indirectly affecting throughout their lives. Therefore, the role of the mother is unique. It more advisable to act on this rather than blaming or criticizing the society.   

 a good mother

How do you develop as a mother?

How do you develop as mother and transmit it to those children? It affects the mother’s awareness and intelligence. Reading not only nurtures knowledge, but also gives the opportunity to understand and easily identify the feeling of others. It is important to keep the information updated whilst she is at home, especially when it comes to imparting knowledge and education to children.

Frequently, kids like to ask questions from their mother. However, most of mothers do not respond well to these questions at home due to other various matters. That behaviour affects the intellectual development of children. If a child asks a question and you do not know the answer, then you can suggest that “shall we look through from books?” It also causes to allow children to direct to refer books or some other medias. However, it is an unsuccessful attempt for a mother to look at the television and tell her children to read books.

a good mother

You can also set up a small book corner. Books can be brought from time to time or with cash left over. It will be a fruitful investment for the children in the future. Children who can not read can read the pictures. They are image readers. Pictures help for children to develop their creativity as well as thinking skills. The children who read pictures will read text after learning the letters. If they can not read, the mother can be a story teller. Then the children will look at the images and understand the different creative things.

You will gradually come to understand the extent to which the memory of those books affects the physical and mental development of the child. You can then bring the books to suit to the age of the children or provide opportunity to get a membership of a public library in the area. They have a new door to a new world thereafter.

Library is knowledge

Library is knowledge. Children should be directed to choose the books interested. My children get rid of the notion that they should only read good books, and even when it is appropriate to read a variety of simple things. Reading gives the child the ability to determine which books are best for him/her to read. You are not the only one who can enjoy the results of directing children to such a reading society. It is beneficial to the whole society. It is also possible to remove imbalance of the society and direct the society in the right way.

a good mother

There is a popular saying that opening one school is like closing a thousand prisons. Also opening a book can prevent thousand of prisons, a thousand of adults’ homes and a thousand court cases. The reason for this is that heterogeneity of the society is due to the ignorance and impatience of the children.

How to become a good mother in this society?

a good mother

So, you have to play your role as a mother to make little children to put in the right path. Then they will play the role of society. Society will respect you too because of good children. Therefore, you better be a mother who reads life by reading books. Teach children to read the lives of others, not just knowledge but also skills, intelligence and refresh them. It also affects the progress of a good society. So, you better be a mother who reads life. Then, teach the children the shape of life

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