7 Ways To Boost Self-Confidence

7 Ways To Boost Self-Confidence

You know that feeling and ways to boost self-confidence? The one where you are totally sure that you can handle whatever comes your way, and the only thing you can not wait to do is tackle everything in front of you? If it feels like that has been missing from your life recently.

In order to succeed at anything, you have to be confident that you can do it and know how to approach the challenge. But sometimes even successful people also lack self-confidence, especially when it comes to working with new people or situations. In our fast-paced and technology-filled world, it is not uncommon to feel less confident about yourself than you would like to be. All it takes to get back on track with your self-confidence is a reminder of the things you already do well, as well as a few new things you can try that will boost your confidence level further. Here are seven of them, along with tips on how to employ them successfully in your daily life.

#1 Stand Tall

One simple way to boost your self-confidence is to pay attention to how you carry yourself. Doing so will help you feel more confident. If, when speaking with someone or walking down a hall, you notice that your head is bent downward, try standing up straight and keeping your chin parallel with your shoulders. This can instantly make you feel more powerful and in control.

You have to feel confident, whether or not anyone else believes in you, especially when negativity keep surrounding you. The truth is, as long as you know who you are and what is important to you, that should be enough. But it can help to remind yourself everyday by doing things like standing tall and walking with purpose, knowing that even if other people do not believe in your abilities, there is at least one person who does: yourself. Your body language speaks volumes about how confident and secure you feel; make sure yours is saying exactly what it needs to be.

#2 Smile At Yourself In The Mirror

Boosting of Self-confidence does not just involve what you do and who you are. Simply, it starts with your appearance, and one of best ways to boost your self-confidence is by smiling at yourself in the mirror every morning. Seeing a positive face in the mirror will help to put you in better mood, and studies have shown that people with higher self-esteem smile more often. In fact, just forcing yourself to smile for one minute can make it a genuine expression. Give it a try! You will feel better about yourself instantly.

#3 Dress Like How You Want To Feel

If you are feeling self-conscious about your cloths, take sometime to pick out something that makes you feel good. When you walk into a room in clothing that is flattering and comfortable, you instantly have more confidence. If you have a dress code at work, make sure it matches who you are. If not, it does not hurt to splurge on a few outfits from brands and designers that give off a vibe of positivity and success. It may seem frivolous now, but for many people, fashion is about so much more than looking good, it actually makes us feel good as well.

#4 Do Something New Every Day To Boost Self-Confidence

It is easy to get into a rut and do only what we are comfortable with, but it is important for self-confidence and mental health that we push ourselves out of our comfort zone. The easiest way to do that is to simple try something new every day. Take a class, visit a museum or go on an adventure. It can be something small or it can be something big. As long as you try something new each day, you will see your confidence rise. Even if you do not love it, there will be some skills or lessons that come in handy somewhere down the line.

#5 Stop Telling Yourself What You Cannot Do

Part of feeling self-confidence is feeling like you have control over your life. And when it comes to our goals, we often feel disempowered because of all that can go wrong. But research has shown that people who frame a goal in term of what they can do, are more likely to follow through with it. It may seem counter-intuitive, but telling yourself what you are capable of instead of emphasizing what stands in your way will help and ensure the success.

#6 Tell Yourself I Am Enough Daily

One of the most powerful things you can do to boost your self-confidence is to remind yourself that you are enough. In her book, The Gifts of Imperfection, Brené Brown explains that self-worth is not contingent on anything else: It is not conditional or relative, and it does not depend on performing or achieving. Instead, she says our self-worth is a gift we give ourselves every day when we wake up. One way to do that? Begin each morning by telling yourself aloud: I am enough. It may sound silly at first and it will be hard.

#7 Think About What Makes You Awesome!

The first step toward feeling confident is thinking about what makes you awesome! Do you love baking? Are you really good at being on time for everything? Do you keep a beautiful garden? Whatever it is, write down all of your strengths. Keeping a list like that handy is a great way to remind yourself of your awesomeness when you are struggling with low self-confidence. Once it is written down, look back on your list whenever you need an ego boost.

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