5 Most important tips to protect credit card

5 Most important tips to protect credit card

There are many people waiting to steal your credit card information. These people may be local and also far away from the lands. The most prominent feature of these people is that they are virtually impossible to be traced out as they most of the times appeared in fake profiles.

Phishing is the common method; these people use to steal others information. When using online system fake email, websites, link manipulation, malware, content hijacking are the some of common practices utilized for taking information from credit card companies or individuals. Manipulating is done indicating that he or she needs higher attention to correct an error of his/her account in order to prevent unauthorized access. If you knowingly or unknowingly give your information to unsecured personnel may end up with a disaster.

Owners of the credit cards should know how to keep them safe from such criminals. Here are the 5 most important tips to protect credit card information.

#1. Do not share your number for fraud verifications

You may be received with many emails, calls or pop up notifications from websites asking verification or card information for event, gift or grants. Please pay your higher attention not to explore any details, unless your service provider or respective credit card company officially informing you for such event, grants etc. Further keep your card, pin code or other valid information in safe place as no one can physically grabs it unless your awareness.  

#2. Do not share card number as picture or email

You should not take pictures showing 16-digit card number or send via emails for any reason. Though, you may send it covering some of numbers, smart criminals can generate all other details by guessing with given name, date of expiration and other card information.

#3. Do not use any open networks for transactions

Now a days, there are many free wi-fi networks available in public places. Most of the networks are unsecure. It is not advisable to utilize such networks for secure transaction. Card information may easily be stolen when unencrypted data network is used in such places.

#4. Regular checking of your account

It is fundamentally required to review your recent activities of your account in order to check any fraud attempts done without your intention. You may inquire your respective bank if such thing is happened. Most of the credit card companies notify their customers by text messages or emails about transaction they made instantly.    

#5. Follow specific protective measures when using online transactions

  • Use trusted or secured websites for purchasing. Those websites have “https” in their domain names and also with green lock icon.
  • Utilize secured mobile payment system or online payment gateways like PayPal, Apple Pay etc getting an additional protective layer rather connecting direct credit card to merchant.
  • Always have a unique strong password mixed with numbers and characters and change it time to time with a new.
  • Do not set web browsers to auto fill your credit card information.
  • Once you done your transaction, please log out immediately from your online accounts if your computer or mobile phone is used by others.

It is very important to keep remember that not to access public wi-fi networks for such transactions as most of them are unsecure . If you detect any suspect fraudulent transaction or suspected action, immediately report to your bank or credit card company for onward action.

Further, your card is lost or stolen by someone, prompt action is highly required to protect your money in your bank. Therefore, always need to follow the best practices given by respective bank or credit card companies to keep safe your bank account.       

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