Sec Education from an early age

Sex education from an early age

Children are like flowers. They bloom with the environment under the parents or custodians. Likewise, many people genuinely talking about children point of view, providing them with sex education from an early age is a protection and also against abuse.

Scholars, doctors, university lecturers, lawyers and even teachers who regularly sit with children to discuss that sex education is not a stimulus for children to engage in sexual activity, and that knowledge is to prevent many forms of abuses from an early age. It is not possible to say the extract age at which a child should be educated about the message. However, if it is known, that can be prevented from most common forms of child abuses.

Sex education from an early age to teen..

Sex education has to be given in different ways at different ages. Something can be said at a young age when the child is grown up. For example, we can talk about abstinence from immorality when we are a very young age. Like less than 5 years old, whoever touches his body or intend to touch, can give a small message to mother or father. When they grow up, they need to know different steps to be taken.

By the age of 12-16 child should know what kind of things should reject. That knowledge has to be given to the children at their correct age. The countries in the world have different types of cultures and those cultures themselves teach do & don’t to their children.

Parents understand that sex should be passed on to adolescents. They teach the same thing within the scope, advising on how to avoid dangers. Knowledge is therefore not a big issue. Problem is that, even though we have the knowledge and the skills, we can not predict the child will behave when given such an opportunity.

It is not for everyone. This risky behaviour is especially common in children who have had problems since childhood. Children with intellectual disabilities may be highly vulnerable. However, in most of the societies, this should be given in the so-called values that can be avoided by the cultures itself.

As a school subject..

We must understand that sex education is essential for a child as a compulsory school subject. But in the school, teachers try to avoid and show backwardness due to nature of the cultures in the world for this education. Without knowing this, the child feels the needs when he or she reaches the age of maturity. The feeling is curious. It is a hormonal activity that the child should know. Therefore, there must be a system from anywhere to know the right education about sex even by parents or from school.

One of the common misconceptions about sex education is that it is a form of sex education from an early age in different cultures and societies. Sex education is sexual health the order in which the body changes its own and that takes place in the body with age and the mental changes. Such a broad thing happens to everybody and on the ideas of the society should know about it.

It is not about sex. It is a broad topic. That topic is something all children also should know. Our body changes as we being humans. There is something called our sexuality and sexual health. We should be aware of all those things. Therefore, the appropriate knowledge about it necessary according to that age and also should be acquired from an elderly age.

Sex education from an early age to teen
Sex education from an early age to teen

Accordingly, the child should know all about such as, how to clean, what is personality, how their body changes, is their responsibility to take care of the body more than anyone else etc. Therefore, the child should be allowed to learn such things from an elderly age, from the age of 5-6, they should be made aware little by little.

Then at the age of 10-15 girls should know about menstruation and boys have a different process. So that process is happening now. In that way, the necessary knowledge should be imparted from age to age and it is not magic.

Therefore, it is understood that sex is not a biological thing we do about the body and also know how to control it without making any problem, anyone. In the cultural side, we need to speak openly as family issues. Talking about sexual harassment and penalty by the government law may not solve the matter rather understanding the real changes of the body since early ages.

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